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I'm a 26-year-old web developer residing in New York City, though born and raised in Massachusetts. I graduated from NYU with honors in the spring of 2004, where I majored in philosophy and minored in computer science. I make websites for a living and do a little freelance technology writing and research on the side.

I live with my boyfriend Chris and his cat Tigger on Roosevelt Island, where we moved from way uptown Manhattan in December 2004. We love the quiet and the view and don't miss our old neighborhood one bit.

Because people keep asking, I'll mention that I listen mostly to industrial (especially Skinny Puppy). My profile will give you much more information about this sort of thing.

I don't consider myself a goth these days, but I probably wear more black than you do. I'm also a bit of a gamer, as you might expect. In high school it was mostly Magic: The Gathering, but these days it's mostly console gaming and World of Warcraft. My taste in books is indiscriminate and my hunger for them insatiable. I read more philosophy and sci-fi/fantasy than anything else.

I have no excuse for maintaining a personal site (much less a weblog site), but I've been doing it since 1999. What I lack in originality I make up in persistence. was born of a frustration with emailing photos to friends and owed its existence to vIM, PHP, Mac OS X, BSD, and some nice people, among whom are The Hanford Consortium, Scott, Spencer, and Brian.

It's worth noting that this is not my real website. My old webserver died a painful and untimely death a few months back, and I've been too lazy to deal with piecing together my backups somewhere else.


I play entirely too much World of Warcraft.